new look, new website


welcome to the new wildfolk!

when I decided to take on this project instead of hiring a professional (silly me), i never thought it would take this long to complete. Between life things and being painfully indecisive throughout the design process, here we are a year (or so) later. 

i was able to teach myself how to code, improved my photoshop and illustrator skills, and most likely lost some of my eyesight from spending too much time looking at this damn computer screen. 

in the end, i'm proud of how it turned out and excited to share it with you. 



a few new things to quickly highlight:

1. here, in the news section, I will be sharing studio updates, flower classes, events, press, and so on. 

2. I will now be teaching flower classes. 1:1s and small groups in the studio. once dates are set i'll post the classes in the shop and announce the details here and instagram

3. if you're an artist / maker and need a space for a project (small photoshoot, workspace, etc.) on an hourly/daily basis i'm happy to rent out my space. find out more here

Thank you all so much for your continued support!  this dream following stuff wouldn't be possible without my team and all of you.